The Becoming: Excerpt #2 — In Which We Meet Ethan Bennett

We’re still steadily approaching the November release of The Becoming, and in anticipation of its impending birth, I am posting a weekly series of posts pimping out the novel in question, including excerpts from the novel, songs from the playlists that I’ve compiled, and whatever other fun stuff comes to mind as I progress through this.

Throughout the excerpts, I’m going to be introducing the major characters of The Becoming and the general situation that they find themselves stuck in.

Today, I bring you an excerpt from the novel in which you will meet the other male lead, Ethan Bennett.

Ethan Bennett’s green eyes fluttered open slowly and reluctantly as he surfaced to consciousness. A beam of sunlight filtered through the blinds hanging over the window and insisted on shining directly onto his face. Ethan groaned and shifted, rolling over onto his side. He squeezed his eyes closed again and tried to avoid the painfully bright light. His head hurt, and when he tried to swallow, his throat was rough, as if it had been sandpapered. He had the distinct sensation of having been run over by a truck.

Yes, he had definitely drunk entirely too much the night before.

Ethan hadn’t really meant to drink so much. It was far outside his normal character to get so smashingly drunk. But when the police officers from the first precinct in Memphis held an off-duty get-together, things tended to get pretty wild. And it had been a celebration. Ethan had just been promoted, and his coworkers felt that there was no better way to rejoice over such an event than to virtually kidnap him and drag him to the nearest bar for “a few drinks.”

“A few drinks” had, of course, culminated in Ethan puking in some poor bastard’s bushes and his coworkers laughing and threatening to take pictures to mark the occasion. He hadn’t lost his stomach like that since his days of illicit underage drinking in high school. It was more than a little embarrassing.

Ethan rolled over and looked at Anna’s side of the bed. It was empty, the pillow gone cold. He squinted at the alarm clock; its red numbers seared a hole in his brain. It was almost noon. His wife had likely been awake and up for hours already. Ethan was usually up with her; the only time he ever slept in was when he’d had to work the graveyard shift at the police station. Or when he was drunk.

That wouldn’t happen very often anymore, though. He was a major now, the youngest by almost eight years in all the precincts that made up the Memphis Police Department. He was barely thirty-nine, and he’d already risen to one of the highest ranks in the entire department. It was a serious accomplishment, but one that was hardly unexpected. Ethan had always taken his job seriously, and the rewards had always been plentiful. When the rumors of the position opening up had begun to circulate among the officers, it had been a given among the gossipers that Ethan Bennett would be offered the job. And now that he had been, he’d discovered that he was incredibly contented with his life and the way it was going for him. He didn’t know how it could possibly get any better.

Ethan flopped onto his back and grunted as he rubbed at his face with both hands. His palms met stubble, and he grimaced. He needed to shave. He would have to get out of bed to do it. The very idea was incompatible with the temptation to stay firmly ensconced in his blankets all day. He wondered where exactly Anna was. Neither of them had to work that day. Perhaps he would take her out to dinner after his headache had subsided to tolerable levels.

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