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Big News Regarding The Becoming!

I mentioned this on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, and since Permuted has done an official announcement, I now mention it here too. 🙂

I received word yesterday that, in a deal with as an extension of their ZombieFest audiobook promotion, The Becoming is one of nine books that have been selected to be re-created as an audiobook! Permuted Press’ announcement can be found here. It reads:

Our friends at have caught Permuted Press fever and are bringing more titles to audiobook including novels from Todd Sprague, Joe McKinney, Tony Faville, Aaron Powell, C Dulaney, Timothy W. Long, Kevin Burke, Jessica Meigs, Gareth Wood, and Iain McKinnon.

To say I’m excited is an understatement lol. This is far more than I imagined would happen when I agreed to let Permuted publish my book!

The big result of this is that as part of the deal, The Becoming‘s release will be pushed up more into November rather than December. Still no definitive date for you guys yet, but hopefully I’ll have a more specific one soon! 😀

You can now “LIKE” The Becoming Trilogy on Facebook! To check it out, click here and hit that LIKE button!

You can now also pre-order The Becoming, the first book in The Becoming Trilogy, at Barnes & Noble for only $10.08! And as always, please note that the release date of December 1, 2011 is currently a placeholder date until we get something more firm set up.

(As a side note relating to the pre-order, I’ve gotten several people asking me if there’s a way they can get the book autographed. To answer that question, I’ll have more information posted closer to the book’s release on how you can get that done.)

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