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“Officials say there was no need to worry about the walking dead.” …really?

First, this article: Zombie Alert Proves a Hacking Hoax …no, really?

My favorite part of the (short) article:

The sign that normally alerts motorists to construction delays was warning of a “Zombie Outbreak.”
The sign happened to be next to a cemetery, but Dublin [Ohio] officials say there was no need to worry about the walking dead.

Who said there was no need to worry? 😛

That said, quick updates on The Becoming Trilogy:

Book One (The Becoming): The editing is, as I’ve reported before, done! And I have posted the cover for it too (in case you missed it, you can see it right here; personally, I think it’s pretty damn awesome looking)!

Book Two (Working Title The Becoming: Ground Zero): This one’s been to the editor, back to me, back to the editor, back to me, back to the editor and then…completed! With the exception of the occasional, periodic nitpicking (on my part, not my editor’s), this one too is D.O.N.E! I couldn’t be more thrilled haha. Of course, you guys probably won’t see any of this one for another year, which sucks because I’m SO excited for you guys to read it!

Book Three (Working Title The Becoming: Revelations): Still working on writing the draft to this one. I’m currently sitting at almost…ALMOST 90,000 words. I’m projecting approximately 100,000 words in total; if that’s the case, it’ll probably end up being the longest of the entire trilogy.

Some quick information on some (semi-related) side projects too:

Remy’s Story (Working Title A Matter of Darkness): A novella detailing Remy’s plight when the Michaluk Virus outbreak hits New Orleans. Sort of a where-she-came-from and how-she-got-to-where-she-is-in-the-first-book kind of story. This may or may not get released serially for free here on the website as a countdown to the release of the first book a la Mira Grant (and then later released as a possibly self-published eBook for those who want it). I haven’t decided yet; it’s dependent on where it stands once I get closer to the release of the first book. I think it’d make an interesting marketing tool at least. 🙂

Super Secret Project B: I can’t tell you about this one yet. It’s a novella. It has to do with the character Brandt. To tell you further details on it would completely ruin the second and third books for you, so I’m forced to hold off on it for now. 😀

As per usual, I’m around if you have any questions, commentary, requests for articles, interviews, whathaveyou. You can find my contact information right here, or if you don’t want to click, you can get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook, or pop me a quick email at jessica@jessicameigs.com, and I’ll be happy to respond! 🙂

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You can now also pre-order The Becoming, the first book in The Becoming Trilogy, at Barnes & Noble for only $10.08! And as always, please note that the release date of December 1, 2011 is currently a placeholder date until we get something more firm set up. 🙂

(As a side note relating to the pre-order, I’ve gotten several people asking me if there’s a way they can get the book autographed. To answer that question, I’ll have more information posted closer to the book’s release on how you can get that done.)

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