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Updates on The Becoming and an Important Note

Dropping by to give a few updates on the statuses of certain upcoming novels of mine. I figured it’s about time for that. 😛

First, as an aside: I’ve been getting a lot of commentary/comments from people asking when Year One will be out or saying they’re looking forward to the third book. I must stop and reiterate the new format for the trilogy.

Originally, The Becoming was intended to be a series of five novellas. However, since the series has been picked up by Permuted Press, it will be a trilogy of three full-length novels instead.

The first book will be made up of very much improved, heavily edited, quite frankly better written versions of Outbreak and Safe House. They’re mashed together to create one novel as opposed to two separate novellas.

The second book will be made up of what was going to be the third and fourth novellas (specifically Year One and Ground Zero).

The third book will be a drastically expanded version of what was going to be the fifth novella.

My point here? If you decide to wait until “the third book,” you will be completely lost, because in theory, you’ll be skipping novellas three and four. If you want to follow along where you left off, I’d highly recommend you purchase the Permuted Press edition of the first book and follow from there, as there have been some serious changes to certain aspects of the story to bring it in line with books two and three, and you will almost be TOTALLY lost if you skip the first book thinking you can just pick up where the novellas left off.

If you have any questions, feel free to prod me, and I’ll explain it a little better.


The Becoming

Book The First: I HAVE SEEN A SKETCH OF THE POTENTIAL COVER, AND IT IS GLORIOUS! The friends and family I’ve shown it to have loved it, and I am incredibly excited to see the finished product. However, the artist has requested that unfinished copies of the cover not be posted online, and seeing as how I have no desire either to piss him off OR to impede his creative output, I will be complying with that request. Hopefully, I’ll have something to show you guys soon, though. 😀

Book The Second: …is currently in the second stage of editing. It’s gone to my editor, been returned to me, and as of this morning, has gone BACK to my editor for the second round.

Book The Third: Currently still writing. I’m almost to the halfway point. I’m FAR ahead of schedule, and it will definitely be done in time to make it to my publisher by November, barring any unforseen horrors.

That said, I must share this, because seriously? It looks awesome. I cannot WAIT to get my eyes on the second season of this show this fall!

Edit: And I see that WordPress decided to EAT MY EMBEDDED VIDEO. *sigh* Here’s a link to the page where I first saw the video. It’s embedded properly there.

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