Another Interview and A Couple of Links!

Link drop! Few new things to share with you guys today. 🙂

In case you missed it when I posted about it last time I updated, fellow horror author G.R. Yeates posted an interview with me on his blog last week. It is, of course, still available over there for your perusal if you feel the need to read me trying to take myself seriously. 😛

In a more entertaining vein, also fellow horror author Kevin J. Burke did a back and forth interview with me for his blog and got it up for everybody to read. So now it is available on Kevin’s site for your perusal if you feel the need to read me being my normal, absolutely silly self. Just to get you started, here’s an excerpt:

A few months ago, I made Twitter friends with a young lady named Jessica Meigs. It quickly became apparent that we were leading creepily parallel lives. Our novels starring zombies were both picked up by Permuted Press. We signed our contracts on the same day. (Pretty sure it was literally the same day.) We both pay the bills by working mind-numbing jobs at the world’s largest retailer. (We’re not cashiers! …not that there’s anything wrong with that.) And it turns out we both feel really strongly about the importance of good grammar and editing when self-publishing. (Typos make you look like an amateur! You would think more indie writers would feel that way.) Naturally, we became friends and colleagues, but oddly enough, we each have not actually read the other’s work. If my book coming out is the most highly anticipated book release in my life, then The Becoming by Jessica Meigs is second.

The Becoming Trilogy now has its own Facebook page, where you can “Like” the trilogy and follow the latest news and updates about it right on your Facebook stream. To access the page, you can click here. Be sure to spread the word and get your Facebook friends to like it too! And, as always, you can follow me on Facebook right here and Twitter too!

And, because I never get tired of shameless self promotion, you can preorder the first novel in The Becoming Trilogy, which will be entitled The Becoming, from Barnes & Noble for the super-awesome low price of only $10.08! That’s another link you can pass around to all your buddies. And, as always, please keep in mind that 12/1/11 is, so I’ve been informed, a place holder date until we have something more definite. 🙂 And hopefully, I’ll have more news soon regarding eBook copies from B&N and Amazon!

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