Check out G.R. Yeates’ Interview With Me!

UK horror author G.R. Yeates interviewed me on his official site today! You can read the entire interview here, but here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite for what’s on the other side of that link.

What do you think makes The Becoming unique?
…[O]ne of the major things that makes my trilogy fairly unique is that it’s a zombie book that isn’t about zombies. It’s really more a story about survival, about friendship and love and finding out who you are and what makes you human and digging your nails in and never letting go of that. It’s about recognizing your destiny when you find yourself facing it, and taking hold of it and fulfilling it. It’s a trilogy that is very much character-driven … The zombie apocalypse is just the circumstances the characters live in; the weapons are just the tools they use to survive.

You can preorder The Becoming on B&N here for only $10.08! (The paperback copy is the only version available at the moment, and the 12/01/11 release date is a placeholder date. I’ll keep everyone posted on the official release date when I have it!)

And you can check out G.R. Yeates’ ebook The Eyes of the Dead on Barnes & Noble and Amazon for only $0.99! I’m only about halfway through it at the moment, but so far, it’s excellent!


    1. I loved your post! You should have seen my reaction back when I read it about a month or so ago; I was all, “YES YES! EXACTLY!” out loud. Needless to say, I got some crazy looks lol.

  1. I’m really looking forward to picking up your book. Missed the first time around. Seems like the last few zombie books I’ve read got way too bogged down in stockpiling and firearm detail. I realize that this appeals to some, but I’m really looking for a story with more heart.

    1. Thank you! I hope when it comes out that you enjoy it! 🙂 I too got a bit tired with the same thing you did, which is why I set out to do pretty much the opposite lol. There ARE some references to types of guns/rifles in the text, but I don’t beat the reader over the head with it (I hope lol).

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