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The Becoming Now Available for Pre-Order on B&N!

So I’ve been intending to make a quick post over here with this announcement since Saturday, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the chance.

Now that I DO have some time, though…

I’m happy to announce that The Becoming, the first book in The Becoming Trilogy to be released by Permuted Press, is now available for preorder for only $10.08 + S&H from Barnes & Noble!

To preorder the book in paperback format, you can click here to view the page on Barnes & Noble and find out more information about the book!

Sadly, there’s no book summary up yet; hopefully we’ll have that up soon, as I’ve just sent it to the publisher. No idea when there will be cover art, either, but you guys will, of course, be the first to know when it’s up and ready to go!

The date that’s listed on B&N (December 1, 2011) is, as far as my understanding goes, a placeholder date until we have something more concrete. I’ll keep everyone updated if that date changes.

So I’m hoping everybody goes out and preorders the book from Barnes & Noble; even if you’ve read the self-published versions, I’d highly encourage you to pick up the re-issue, as it’s got much MUCH better editing and some changes to the storyline that will be important for books two and three.

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