Writing Updates

Latest Updates on the Becoming Trilogy

I figured I’d drop in and give everyone a quick update on what’s going on with the trilogy, just so you know where things stand at the moment.

Book One
Still with the publisher. Still no news here past what I said last time. Will update you whenever I have something new to say.

Book Two
Book two’s first completed, fleshed-out draft is DONE! The final word count was 102,201, and it’s currently being edited down and fixed up by me before I let it sit for a month while proceeding for a bit with book three.

Book Three
Speaking of book three…I actually wrote the first scene and about half of the one following it in this book last week, but I haven’t gone anywhere past that, because my main focus at the moment is finishing the second draft of book two. Not sure of a current word count on this one, but I’ve updated the sidebar to add a word count meter so you guys can track the progress as you see fit. šŸ™‚

Also, a new review has popped up of The Becoming: Outbreak on BuyZombie.com (a little late in the game, and wow is he looking at an old version!) You can read that right here if you so desire, but please keep in mind he’s reviewing a very old version of the first novella (a self-published version), and the vast vast majority of the problems he’s mentioned in his review have been corrected for the better in the Permuted Press version that will be available later this year. (The reviewer has also been so kind as to be in contact with me on facebook, discussing some of the problems and giving me tips and information that will definitely help me out in the future, so I thank him for that. One of the nicest reviewers I’ve ever dealt with!)


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