Story Updates and Call for Beta Readers!

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone left me a bad review. I won’t say anything about it here; I’ve already addressed the reviewer in particular and am going to simply leave it at that (though I did thank him for trying the book out, even if it didn’t quite appeal to him).

For those of you who find something you didn’t particularly like in my book, email me! I’m more than happy to discuss plot points and details with any and all of my readers (time willing)! I can, as always, be found at And I always, always make time for anyone who emails me. You guys are the ones who pump my sales up, buy my books, and put money in my pocket!

I’ve been hard at work on an assortment of things. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been working on, in lovely list form:
1. The Becoming: Year One is trucking along wonderfully. I’m up to page 76 of the first revision, but I have plans to go back and add a few more things to it before sending more of it off to my beta reader. It’s looking like a mid- to late-May release date is where it’s at.

2. The Becoming: Ground Zero and The Becoming: Evolve: Both of these are also doing well. Ground Zero is just sort of sitting there, because Evolve is the one part out of all the books that, in my opinion, needs a ton of work. I think this is mainly because there’s a twist that comes about a third of the way into Evolve that will completely blow your minds (I hope!) and as I’m revising Year One, I’m re-drafting scenes for that book in particular. Needless to say, it’s going to be…interesting.

3. “A Matter of Darkness”: This is something to do with a little idea I had that I posted about on Twitter about a week or so ago. I’m sitting on a pile of random drafts and pages and notes for side characters (such as, for example, Theo and Gray, Remy, Nikola, etc. etc.) and had the idea to revise them, clean them up, and release them as, perhaps, a short story collection. “A Matter of Darkness” is the working title of Remy’s story, which is about forty pages long at this point, that details the outbreak of the Michaluk Virus where she lived (New Orleans), and what happened to her and her family as they tried to survive it. Since it is, at this point, the most fleshed-out of the stories, it would be the centerpiece of the collection. This is my lowest priority on the list right now, though, so I haven’t messed with it too much lately.

4. Currently untitled poltergeist story: It is what it is. It will basically be the next big thing I really hammer down on once everything to do with The Becoming is out of the way. Outside of that, I’m not going to reveal any other details about this particular story, because exactly 0% of it is set in stone and things will definitely change throughout the process of writing it.

Also! I need more beta readers! The more sets of eyes I get on a particular story, the better, because it means less chance of something sneaking through that needed to be caught beforehand. I’ve already got one, but I could always use more, obviously. So email me at if you think you’re suitable enough to be a beta reader. Please make sure you have ample enough time to carefully read whatever I send you AND tell me why you think you’d make a good beta reader. I’ll be picking a few trustworthy people to help me out when the time comes, and I’d like to have you all ready to go. šŸ™‚

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