It’s Heeee-eeere.

I’m reminded of that creepy little child from Poltergeist, I believe it was.

What’s here, you may be asking? Oh, this.

The Becoming: Safe House is currently now available in the NOOKbook format for the Nook and NOOKcolor! You can find it here:

It’s currently pending on Amazon; the sales page for it is now up right here, but there’s no pricing information available and you can’t purchase it yet because they’re not done putting it up on the site. It also doesn’t seem to be showing up on their search engine yet. But there it is. Just keep checking that link for updates to that page, and I’ll post here when it’s ready to roll.

Edit: It’s now live on Amazon UK!

It’s also processing on right now too, so if you’re wanting a copy of it in PDF, plain text (why you’d want that, I dunno), DRM-free Amazon .mobi format, Palm Doc/.pdb format, DRM-free .epub, or Sony Reader/.lrf format, check back here hopefully sometime this evening and I’ll have the link for you! (It’s currently in the queue at number 321, so this may take a bit.)

Edit: And it’s now live on Smashwords! Here’s the link to buy it!

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