What a great week!

The promo sale for The Becoming: Outbreak went fantastically! Ninety-seven of you took me up on the offer to get the book for free, and, oddly, my sales jumped from an average of about twelve a day to somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty a day, and that stat’s holding steady! (This is particularly odd in that this happened while the book was being advertised as available for free with a coupon on Smashwords. Crazy stuff, man.)

Now that the sale’s over and the dust has settled, I’ve taken a look at actual sales (as in the I’m-getting-money-for-these sales) and I’m only nine eBooks shy of hitting 200 sales for the month of February on Amazon alone. I am honestly impressed an excited for this milestone to pass; this means I’m only twenty-one books away from matching my Amazon sales for the entire month of January. I hope this momentum continues, because at this pace, I’ll be able to afford to get the five volumes bound together in a single physical volume sometime as a special edition or something. (At least, that’s the plan, but only if I can get my eBook sales generating enough money!)

And with The Becoming: Safe House only days away from being totally, 100% completed, this is definitely an exciting time for me. I can’t wait for you all to pick up the second book (and if the ninety-seven of you who took me up on the free book end up purchasing the second book, so much the better).

What are you looking forward to the most about The Becoming: Safe House? Indulge my curiosity either here or on Twitter!

Oh! Also, my facebook page, for those of you interested, is right here at facebook.com/JessicaMeigs. Feel free to friend me on there, and I’ll most likely friend you back!

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