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The awesome Heather Lindskold over at Between the Covers… has posted a very nice review of The Becoming: Outbreak over on her book blog. You can click here to read the review in full, but here’s a quick excerpt to whet your appetite:

For a first-time self-published author I really think Jessica did a great job with this book. It has all the elements of a good horror story, as well as a good suspense/thriller. It kept me on edge and wanting to read more, and her writing was such that I could really picture what was going on in great detail. I would definitely recommend this book to people who love a good zombie story or horror/suspense in general, but take it from me — it just might keep you up at night…

As a special bonus, Heather even did a short email interview with me asking questions about me and the book series in general. You can see that complete interview here, where you can get a little bit of a sneak peek into the inner workings of my head.

Sales are going excitingly well for The Becoming: Outbreak too! It’s currently the 7th of the month, and as I’m sitting here, I’ve sold 83 books on Amazon’s US Kindle Store alone. This is an incredible upsurge in sales, because that means I’m averaging roughly twelve books sold a day. At this rate, if I can continue selling that same average a day for every day this month, I will be making more in royalties than I make on my EMS paychecks every month!

If you’re planning on buying The Becoming: Outbreak and have not yet done so, you might want to soon; its sequel, The Becoming: Safe House is dropping on March 1st, and you don’t want to be behind in the story, do you?

I wrote up a purchase page with all the details for The Becoming: Outbreak on it. You can click here to see it, or you can just click “Purchase The Becoming: Outbreak” at the top of the page.

If you need a link to pimp out my book (which would be amazingly appreciated; you have no idea), you can use this one:

That’s a shortlink to the purchase page on this site.

Zombie Book Review of the Week

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Summary: (from Amazon) It’s been 14 years since First Night, when the dead came back to life. Six billion people have died (and reanimated) since then, and America has collapsed into isolated communities living within the great “Rot and Ruin.” Benny is 15, which means it’s time to get a job or face cut rations, but his general laziness leaves him with only one employment option: join his stuffy, sword-swinging, Japanese half-brother, Tom, as an apprentice bounty hunter. This means heading beyond the gates to slice and dice “zoms,” but Benny quickly begins to see the undead in a new light — as well as realizing that Tom is much more than he ever let on. The plot is driven by an evil bounty-hunter rival and the cruel games he plays, but Maberry has more than gore on his mind. The chief emotion here is sadness, and the book plays out like an extended elegy for a lost world. Tom’s a bit too perfect and his pontification too extended, but this is nevertheless an impressive mix of meaning and mayhem.

My Thoughts: Rot & Ruin has become one of the books that I recommend right after World War Z and Feed as must-read books in the zombie subgenre. The characters are remarkably fleshed out and feel real, including the very realistic teenager-attitude of Benny. All of the characters have their reasons for acting the way they do and their motivations that influence said actions. They have histories and pasts that work perfectly in sync with their attitudes in the actual narrative. And the world building was fantastic. The absolute desolation that’s forced groups of people to establish small villages and towns to isolate themselves from the zombie contagion is realistic, especially the small systems of government they’ve built.

But by far my favorite thing about Rot & Ruin is, oddly enough, the absolute humanization that Maberry gives to the zombies. The zombies used to be human, used to be the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and lovers of people who are still alive. I think a lot of zombie writers — myself included — tend to forget that these zombies used to be just as real and human as the other characters, and as such they become borderline cannon fodder for action scenes without rhyme or reason.

My Rating: ****1/2 (out of 5)

Where to Buy: Amazon (DTB) | Amazon Kindle Edition | B&N (DTB) | B&N NOOKbook

(Please note: If you choose to buy the book from Amazon, please use the affiliate links in the “Where to Buy” paragraph above to support your resident author! It costs you nothing extra and gives me a little spare change to work on the site’s appearance!)

What I’m Currently Reading: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

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Final reminder: The Becoming: Safe House is being released on March 1st!

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