January Recap and The Becoming: Safe House Update

The month of January was, to put it simply, fantastic when it comes to book sales and publicity for The Becoming: Outbreak. The biggest thing to happen over the month was CrackBerry.com’s favorable review of the novella. Why was this the biggest thing? Because in the day and a half after Kevin featured it on the CB blogs, my sales literally doubled, which only served to make me ridiculously happy. Feedback from people who have bought the book has generally been pretty positive, though I’m currently only sitting at three reviews on Amazon and seven on B&N. If you’d like to hit the product pages and give the book a rating (at minimum, but only of course if you’ve read it), then you can do so at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. More ratings means more eyes possibly being attracted to it, which means more sales! (Which, in turn, means this starving author won’t starve lol.)

There have been a few other reviews and articles besides CrackBerry’s, which I recap here on my post “Reviews Recap.” Since that post, there’s been a few additional tidbits. Outbreak got a mention on MobileWhack.com; the article, “The Becoming: Outbreak is a novel written on the BlackBerry,” is available here for those interested in reading it. There was also a short article on it written in Spanish at Lo mas movil, which you can translate/read here. As far as I can tell, it’s a generally positive article. 🙂

That said, quick sales stats for the month of January, because I like to keep my readers informed:

Amazon US Store: 212
Amazon UK Store: 20
B&N NOOKbook Store: 22
Paypal Direct Sales: 9
Total Sales: 263

This is definitely a great increase over December’s 46 sales (granted, that was from December 20th to December 31st, but still). It’s an average of roughly eight books sold per day. Not shabby for a self-published author!

February too is off to a great start, especially considering it’s only February 2nd. Total sales across all platforms are currently sitting at 27. That definitely isn’t bad for two days!

As a status update on the work going on on the second novella, The Becoming: Safe House, I’m currently sitting at 40,145 words and am at a pivotal moment in the novel (with several more chapters to go). As I said in a previous post, Safe House is noticeably longer than Outbreak (the first of which was geared more towards introducing the characters and scenario). There will, of course, be more characters introduced by the end of Safe House, and some happenings that I’m hoping with make readers’ jaws drop. As I like to say, we shall see!

Tentative release date for The Becoming: Safe House: March 1, 2011.

That is all.

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