Reviews Recap! :)

First, our semi-weekly dose of zombie humor, this time courtesy of Cyanide and Happiness:

Now that that’s over with…

It has definitely been an exciting few days over here in my little writing world. After my last post covering’s awesome post on The Becoming: Outbreak, my sales virtually doubled, which makes this little writer very happy indeed. 🙂

The novella’s also been getting some feedback and reviews on assorted sites — mostly zombie and gadget related ones, probably because it’s a zombie book written on a BlackBerry lol — so I figure I’ll drop a quick recap of those: gave The Becoming: Outbreak a a quick review on their site. It says, in part:

A novel that’s written on a Blackberry, wait, what? That’s right this is a novel written entirely by someone on a Blackberry. Jessica Meigs, the author, has spent the last 2 years getting a novel put together and has drafted it on primarily blackberries. Specifically it was written on the BlackBerry Bold 9000, the BlackBerry Curve 8900, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, and the BlackBerry Torch 9800. A large variety of Blackberry phones were used to create a viral outbreak of the undead in novel form and now it’s out for everyone to read!

A gadget site called Gadgetell has also covered the release of The Becoming: Outbreak in an article titled “Let’s read The Becoming: Outbreak, a zombie horror novel written by a BlackBerry addict [Weekend Fun]”:

While everyone’s definition of fun will likely vary, I am still going to take a chance on this one and go with a book–yes, a book as in reading. The reason is simple, for me, reading actually is fun. But otherwise, the book that I am recommending today is coming from a fellow geek, actually a self-described “BlackBerry extraordinary” and what better way to support a fellow geek than by supporting their efforts. Plus, as if it could get any more interesting, this novel was actually written on a BlackBerry. I will admit, that last one was the part that hooked me in, but that aside I started the book yesterday evening and had a hard time telling myself it was actually time for bed. Seriously, the book starts out awesome and I cannot wait to spend some more time reading today.

Best Buy Mobile also reposted the article from on their Best Buy Mobile Magazine site. I don’t think it really needs to be requoted here. 🙂

And lastly, a website called Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse included The Becoming: Outbreak in their Deadline: News Roundup for 01/28/11:

The Becoming: Outbreak by Jessica Meigs would just be another novel in the mountain of zombie fiction, but there’s a catch. She wrote the entire thing over the course of two years, on nothing but Blackberry mobile phones.

Also, thank all of you for your kind words so far! It’s definitely a confidence booster for sure, and the responses I’ve been getting have been making me smile all week. 🙂

The Becoming: Safe House Latest:

The Becoming: Safe House is going swimmingly, thank God. (For those of you new here, that’s part two of The Becoming Pentalogy.) Edits are chugging along at a pretty steady pace. Once I hit the end of it, I should be sending Safe House to my beta reader to go over and make suggestions on, and after those suggestions are taken into consideration, I’ll be prepping for a release. At this point, it’s looking like late February, possibly early March (but I’m aiming to have the edits done by February 10th at the latest). Hopefully I’ll have a more specific date for you soon!

Zombie Book Review of the Week

Sadly, no zombie book review this post. I’ve been absolutely sucked into Cherie Priest’s Bloodshot and have Jon F. Merz’ The Kensei lined up to go after it, so between those two books and my writing, I haven’t had time to look back at any zombie books this week. But I’ll definitely have one for next time!

What I’m Currently Reading: Bloodshot (DTB) | Bloodshot (Kindle Edition) by Cherie Priest

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3 thoughts on “Reviews Recap! :)

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    • I love the story. I like the fact that it is character and personality driven rather than “then the zombie took another huge bite out of the broken legged man’s neck, blood spurting everywhere…” Nice job.

      • Thank you! I’m a HUGE fan of character-driven horror stories; I don’t find blood-and-gore to be scary or appealing at all, personally.

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