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So it’s January 16th, and I figure it’s about time to do some updates over here on the site to let everyone know how things are going with The Becoming: Outbreak and its upcoming sequel. 🙂

Sales for The Becoming: Outbreak are still much better than I initially expected. As I said in my last post, I wasn’t expecting the novella to do quite as well as it has been. As of today, January 16th, my stats are running as follows:

Amazon US Store: 64 copies (!!!)
Amazon UK Store: 10 copies
Barnes & Noble: 2 copies (but I’m wholly convinced their system sucks, as I’ve said before, so this may not be the most updated number)

Still no new reviews, sadly, so if you guys read this and read the book and don’t mind hopping over to the respective pages (linked below) to leave a review or at least rate it with the pretty little yellow stars, that would be amazing. 🙂

I figure it’s a good time to drop a little news on The Becoming: Safe House, which is going to be the second novella in the five-parter I’m releasing. At this point, the revision is sitting at 28,252, but I’m nowhere near done with it. It will definitely be running longer than Outbreak, for those of you who had some issues with how short it was, but I think it will still fall squarely at the high end of novella and the low end of novel at approximately 50,000 words. The feedback I’m getting from my beta reader is excellent and definitely has me excited for all of you to read it!

Ready to Buy The Becoming: Outbreak?

You can purchase from the following places:

From the Amazon US Kindle Store:

From the Amazon UK Kindle Store:

From the Barnes & Noble NOOKbook Store:

Directly from Me (via Paypal):

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