The Becoming: Outbreak Now for Sale!

As promised, here it is! The semi-official release of The Becoming: Outbreak! It’s been a long two years, but I’ve finally put the first novella in a series of five up for sale!

The price is $2.99, which is cheaper than it will be offered via Barnes and Noble and the Amazon Kindle Store. The book will be sent to you in a .pdf file format; if you require .epub or .azn, I’d highly recommend you wait until The Becoming: Outbreak is available through B&N and Amazon before purchasing.

Payment is available through Paypal only for now; if you’d like to see a different method of payment, please comment to this post with your suggestions and questions.

Click the button below for your purchase. And please be patient, as I’m sending the .pdf manually for now until I finish getting the checkout process set up! If for any reason you do not receive your book within twenty-four (24) hours after purchase, please email me at jessica at jessicameigs dot com with your email address and when you paid and I’ll get it sent to you asap!

Note: (12/20/2010) The Becoming: Outbreak is now available in both .pdf and .epub formats! If you’d like to purchase the .epub format instead of the .pdf, please let me know with the text field above the Buy Now button! And thank you for your support!

Book Synopsis
The year is 2009. In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, a virus capable of causing untold misery is unleashed into the world. Known only as the Michaluk Virus, its effects are widespread and devastating. As civilization begins to crumble under the hoards of homicidal infected, three people — Ethan Bennett, a police officer with the Memphis PD; Cade Alton, his best friend and former military sniper; and Brandt Evans, a lieutenant in the US Marines — band together in an attempt to survive the oncoming crush of death and terror sweeping across the southeastern United States and eventually the entire continent.

Want to read an excerpt before purchase? Click here to read the entire first chapter of the book!

Ready to purchase? Click here! (Link will direct you to my LiveJournal entry on this; please click the purchase button at the bottom of the page to purchase the book. This is a temporary measure until I can get my buy now button working here.)

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