Thoughts on My Zombie Novel

So it’s become reasonably well-known among my circle of online friends and acquaintances, both on Twitter, LiveJournal, and, that I’m currently writing a zombie novel, with the hopes of getting it pubilshed sometime after I’m done. Currently I stand at approximately ninety type-written pages, with probably a decent bit more to go. The pretty much barebones rough draft is done (that’s the ninety pages). The book itself is coming along awesomely, but I had a bit of a thought as I was working on the latest section of it, and I wanted to run it by everyone and see what your thoughts are on it.

What I’m considering: As I revise the novel, which will be titled The Becoming, I am wondering how you guys would feel about it becoming a bit of a serial online: would you be interested in following along and reading it if I posted it in approximately 1,500-word segments on a weekly basis? I would be updating it every Sunday, and once the novel is completely done, I would be doing one last major revision, then possibly offering it up as a pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth self-published eBook (and maybe later, if interest is decent enough, an actual print book). But I’m going to do this if and only if I have enough people interested in reading and following along and giving feedback on this project.

So I leave it to you. If this is something you find interesting enough to want to participate in and read, would you be willing to support me and follow along as I do it? You can let me know here or on Twitter, where my username is @a_silent_song. I very much look forward to everyone’s feedback on this idea! If the feedback is good enough, I’ll even begin this starting next Sunday!


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